The Why Not

The Why Not is currently closed due to the unexpected passing away of Anne.

Also, in my opinion, TDC have again showed gross incompetence in the matter of this pub

Gary and Jane were trying to re-open the pub (and ran it in Anne's name for a week before her sad passing) – the locals like it, but the idiotic morons at TDC seem to think that this part of Westgate would be much better suited with a kebab shop than a micro-pub. There are currently two takeaways in this part of Westgate – it is so obvious that it needs a third rather than a micropub.

TDC's incompetence beggars belief.

Another example of the fact that some employees of TDC should be in a home, rather than in authority, can be found at this facebook page (currently the second story on the timeline - it starts with mentioning one-rule-for-us bin collections):

Are TDC the most incompetent council in the country? I rather think so - but that is just my own opinion (I wonder who else agrees!!!).

This situation has now been told to all of the three elected local Councillors (Jodie Hibert, Simon Moores & Tom King) - they all seem to agree that TDC have acted bizarrely and wrongly. Who knows what will follow?